Meet the Crew

Our talent pool is growing fast and includes season radio pros from the United States, Britain and Australia.

Angelo Sydney – Angelo is a veteran radio announcer from Australian radio whose passion is for music from countries beyond the mainstream English-speaking world. He’s a sitar player and studies under one of the first pupils of the late, great Pandit Ravi Shankar.

Rose Artifex – Rose Artifex is an actor, a broadcaster, a broadcast professional, and quite a lot more. She is the beating heart of The Quill and Quarrel Theatre, a moderator and broadcaster for WHIP radio, and is now the co-host of “Live with JT and Rose”.  Her energy and experience add to each production to which she contributes her talent.

Paul Monopoli – The host of Press Start on Whippet Radio, Paul is a gaming guru from Adelaide in South Australia.  His encyclopedic knowledge of games is matched by his extensive connections with the great and the good in the gaming industry.

Chris Cataldo – Chris is from NYC! He has been doing radio for 6 years now.  He loves doing the shows and like s to interact with the listeners.  He even has FOURPLAY on his show! Tune in and show some love!

Brett Bertolucci – Brett brings more than 35 years broadcast experience to Whippet Radio. He is also an accomplished professional actor and director with credits around the United States and Off-Broadway. Today, Brett focuses on perfecting his own blues harmonica skills and is a student of world-renowned writer, performer and educator of blues diatonic harmonica, David Barrett.  For more information on Brett and his show, check out his website at

Joshuaa Barenhaut – Josh has a background in computer technologies, graphic design, and web development. But he just LOVES music and since he never really had the talent to play music, he’s right here, broadcasting it over the airwaves.  The only genres he really doesn’t care for are country and rap.  His preferred music to listen to is rock leaning to the heavier side of that genre, although he does enjoy classic, alternative, grunge, techno – particularly the melodic stuff.

If you’d like to join the Whippet team, please contact us. Maybe you’ve got experience and maybe not. Either way, we’d like to hear from you.
All the training you need is provided. What counts is that you speak English clearly without too thick an accent and that you have a passion for music, comedy, chat or anything else that works on radio.